Meet our first Canadian Builders of the Week. Jacob (age 8) Michael (age 6) Ian (age 4) and Matthew (age 2) from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The boys gave their Dad the Salt Lake Temple set for his birthday. They were very excited to give it to him. They love these sorts of things so when their Mom found the Brick'em Young website she jumped on the chance to get the temple. They loved building the set together and can't wait to build more temples together! #brickemyoung

Also for our interested Canadian customers, Brick’em Young sets will shortly be available to purchase at the following LDS themed bookstore located in Canada . http://www.generationsbookstore.com/
Next week we will also be introducing our first United Kingdom Builders of the Week!

Meet Hannah & Addie: from Springville, Utah.  Hannah & Addie are the 1st Builders of the Week to build the smaller Brick’em Younger Salt Lake Temple set.  They built the temple as their family watched October 2014 General Conference. It took Hannah about an hour and a half to build the temple.  The advantage of the smaller Brick’em Younger set is the build time is considerably less than the larger set and it is more interactive with exterior flat green plate for figurines and the roof which is easy to take on and off making it easier to play with for younger children. Also the smaller set is considerably less expensive than the larger set.  You can look at the side-by-side comparison on our FAQs.

Meet William: from South Jordan, Utah. William’s parents bought the Large Salt Lake Temple set for William’s birthday over the summer. As a family they really enjoyed putting it together. William’s family is fortunate to be able to live near the real Salt Lake Temple. The week before last they visited Temple Square and took pictures of William holding his temple by the real temple.  His mother did not expect the reaction he received from fellow visitors on the Temple grounds. She writes: “I never anticipated the attraction he would be on Temple Square!  We were chased down by people constantly, from the moment we got out of the car until we got back in.  We had children follow us to get a better look.  We had a bride and groom pause in their wedding photos to come compliment him! I love how it has helped him find a new way to love the temple and look forward to going inside some day!” 

Meet Madison: from Austin, Texas. Age 9. Madison built the Large Salt Lake Temple on a Sunday in August and was so excited and happy to finish! The family sorted all the pieces together and then her older brother helped her in the building process and both loved it.  Writes her mother: “Now we keep it on display on our main dinning table, it's sure pretty!”


Meet Jack & Paula: from Draper, Utah. Jack and Paula built the set together with a few of their grandchildren over the course of several months. Their oldest grandchild just turned 16 years old and has set a goal to visit all the temples in Utah before he goes on his mission. Building the temple together with their grandchildren provided a fun and relaxing atmosphere to talk their grandchildren about temples and temple work.


Meet Alex, Harley and Zane
: from Brisbane, Australia.  Their father purchased the Brick'em Young Salt Lake Temple while traveling in the USA and brought it back to Australia for the boys to build. It took them around 5 days to construct. They enjoyed reading the fun fact sheet included in the set about the real Salt Lake Temple.  Writes their mother: “One of the best purchases we’ve ever made!”


Meet Justin (age 7) and Annika (age 9) who were the main builders.  They were supported by their cousins Ayrista (age 9), Brigham (age 8), Cannon (age 7), and Kyle (age 4.) The set was purchased by their grandmother.  Justin missed several hours of play with the cousins because he wanted to finish the temple before he had to leave grandma’s house.  Mission accomplished!  We may just have a master builder on our hands!

Meet Bryana: from Cairns, Australia.  Age 18. Bryana is our first “international” Builder of the Week.  She built the temple together with her sister and Mum.  We are looking forward to more Builders of the Week from various countries!

Meet James: from Canton, Michigan, Age 13. James said putting together this temple set was a fun challenge. He did it every night for a week. It became a fun sibling bonding time as his three sisters would help him as well. The instructions were clear and it looks so realistic when finished! He does not want to take it apart and looks forward to the next set being released!

Meet Spencer: from Papillion, Nebraska. Age 7. Spencer received his Brick 'em Young Temple as a birthday gift from his Grandma, who knew how much he loved to build. He was very excited to get started, and he built the whole thing in 4 days with just some occasional help from his mom and sisters. Spencer was lucky enough to be taking a trip to Utah just a few days after he finished building his temple, and his family made sure to visit temple square, where Spencer was able to compare his experiences building his block temple with the architecture of the real temple. Spencer's Brick'em Young temple is proudly displayed in the Living Room where it has received many oohs and aahs from friends and visitors!  



Meet Brayden and Braxton: from Roy, Utah. Ages 14 & 10. Putting together this set was a wonderful project for these brothers on a hot summer day in Utah. Their mother also enjoyed the fact sheet about the real Salt Lake Temple that is included in each set.

Meet Conner: from Lehi, Utah. Age 11. Conner finished the entire set in 5 hrs 46 min, completely on his own. Write his mother: "He loves building, and liked how much time it took."

Meet Petra: from New York City.  Age 11. Petra recently moved to Mesa, Arizona.  Petra wants to be an architect and has already made a little money doing 3D renderings in Sketchup for architects. Petra loved her temple set.  She and her family spent a day building it together. Writes her father about the time spent building the temple set: “Nobody argued or yelled, not even one single time!”

Her family also recorded building the temple in this short time lapse Youtube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qfQts5wxcQ

We hope for more girl Builder of the Weeks so send your photo to newsletter@brickemyoung.com!

Meet Hunter: from Spring, Texas. Age 9.  Hunter is our first Texan to be honored as the Builder of the Week. Hunter worked with his dad on Father's Day building the Salt Lake Temple Model and loved every minute of it!

Meet Anderson: from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Age 6. Anderson’s great grandparents saw how much he loved brick toys when they visited from Utah a few months ago so they purchased a Brick’em Young Salt Lake Temple for Anderson. It took Anderson four days with very little adult help to complete the temple.  His parents encouraged him to sort the pieces first, as instructed, but he liked sifting through the entire set with each move.  The hardest part was the roof, but even that, he tackled it on his own.  When his mother tried to help him she was told, "Mom, you're doing it wrong!"

Anderson’s family had great discussions about the temple while they put it together. They talked about which family members were married there, including Anderson’s father and mother.  The family also talked about how hard it was for the pioneers to build the temple (40 years!) and how it was hard for Anderson to build his temple too (4 days!), but we can do hard things!  The family also talked about how the temple is a precious and beautiful creation and how we should treat it with respect, care and love.... the same behaviors he expects of his little brothers around his temple set.  Anderson and his family plan to visit Salt Lake to reunite with family this summer and they also plan to visit Temple Square, so Anderson can see the real deal!

Meet Kaiden: from Herriman, Utah. Age 7. Kaiden finished building the temple in about 8 hours over the course of a couple of days. He set up a large table and placed all the bricks labeled in different bins.  His mother writes that he is VERY proud of his work. Kaiden is the youngest Builder of the Week so far to complete the temple all by himself without adult supervision or help.  This is quite an accomplishment considering there are 1,725 pieces in the set and the recommended ages is 12+.

Meet Joe, Emma, Ryan and Papa Dennis: from Erie, Colorado. Ages 13, 11, 7 and 73. The Salt Lake Temple set was purchased as a gift by Papa Dennis. He was able to spend quality family time with Joe, Emma and Ryan putting the set together. They created the following 22 second video of their experience building the temple together as a family. http://flipagram.com/f/EFL3lZvaqT

Peterson girlsMeet Lynn, Maelee and Noel. From Leesburg, Virginia. Ages 7, 10 & 13. Maelee received a Brick'em Young Salt Lake Temple for her 10th Birthday. Before building this temple set Maelee was not all that interested in these type of brick building toys, but that quickly changed.  She thoroughly enjoyed putting the set together with her father and sisters.  It took the family close to one month working on and off for few minutes each day to build this set. Their dad created the following time lapse video of the girls putting together the Brick'em Young Salt Lake Temple. Click play on the image to watch this family’s experience of building the temple brick-by-brick.

Meet Jack and Will: from Madison, Wisconsin.  Ages 7 & 4.  Jack and Will helped their dad building the Brick’em Young Salt Lake Temple over the course of a few weeks each Sunday afternoon following church. Jack wrote us a letter when he was in school. During his literacy time he decided on his own that he wanted to send a letter and brought it home from school to give to his parents to mail.  Jack writes:  "Dear Brick’em Young, Thank you for the Salt lake Tepl. We dsidid it is a thing we do on sunday. We do not like it we Love it! Love, Jack."

Meet Spencer: from Logan, Utah. Age 12. Spencer completed the Brick’em Young Salt Lake Temple completely on his own.  He spread out the bricks across the table in his living room and for three days he worked on the temple whenever he had a spare moment.  It was a blessing to do this project at this time as Spencer got sick and had not felt well for a few months. He was still sick when school ended. When Spencer discovered there was a Salt Lake Temple brick set, he took his own money he had been saving and proudly made the purchase.  Writes his mother: “For those three days, Spencer was able to smile and it gave him something fun to look forward to.  Even though he didn’t feel well, he stuck with the project until it was complete.  Spencer was so proud of his hard work!“ Spencer's temple sits in his bedroom, right next to his bed.  He can’t wait to purchase temple sets in the future. Building Brick'em Young Temples is a great summer time activity for young people!

Meet Josh: from Payson, Utah. Age 11. Josh was very excited to put the temple set together.  After the set was complete he proudly placed the set on display in the living room of his home. The follow morning on his way out the door to school he said to his father, "It sure looks good up there, doesn't it?" His father writes: What better way to get my son invested in the gospel than by having him build the Salt Lake Temple!

Meet Kevin: from South Jordan, Utah. Age 30+.  Kevin received the temple set as a birthday gift. He writes:“Even though I'm almost 40 years old, I still had a blast putting this together. Instructions were clear. The detail on this is good enough to display it.”< It took Kevin about 4 hours to put the set together. Brick’em Young temples are not just for kids! 

Meet Shelly: from Henan, China.  Age 4. Shelly helped build a Brick’em Young temple together with her dad.  The following week when her mom picked her up from school she noticed a picture in the school lobby entrance that Shelly painted with caption: “This painting shows temples and churches". Seeing this picture was a total surprise to her mom. Building a Brick’em Young temple together with her dad left a big impression on Shelly. 

Meet Joslyn, Carson, Michael and Reese. From Bountiful, Utah Ages 12, 10, 7 & 4.  This family built the set together over last weekend. Carson and Michael did most of the building but all family members were involved. Their mother sent us the following email: "Thanks Brick’em Young, hours of fun, not to mention quality time with their dad."

Meet Hunter: from Denver, Colorado. Age 9. Hunter has always loved to create and build things.  He assembled his Brick'em Young temple all by himself without the help of his mom or dad. He placed the temple at the base of his bed and enjoys looking at it during the nightly family routine before going  to bed. He also gained a greater fascination of the real Salt Lake Temple and now can tell you how long it took the early pioneers to complete (answer: 40 years). 

Meet Ethan: from San Jose, California.  Age 10. Ethan was a very determined and excited builder.  He was able to put his Brick'em Young set together in just over 4 and 1/2 hours. A very fast pace considering there are 1,725 pieces.

Meet Braxton:  from Pullman, Washington. Age 15. Braxton started building his Brick'em Young temple on Friday after school and was so enthused that he decided to stay home and complete the set rather than going out with his friends. It took Braxton about 6 hours to complete. Braxton has visited the real Salt Lake Temple many times and very much enjoyed putting the set together.

Meet Isaac: from Chicago, Illinois.  Age 10. Isaac and his father started putting the Brick'em Young Salt Lake Temple set together while watching April's General Conference.  Building the temple became an enjoyable  and bonding Sunday activity for Isaac and his family.